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Air Pressure Indicator



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Pressure Indicator Instructions



Mounting your Air Pressure Indicator:
Install the Air Pressure Indicator on any clean and dry vertical section of the suction side of the vent pipe in an indoor location where the Air Pressure Indicator can be easily read.
1. Using the adhesive tape on the back, mount to the vent pipe, keeping the Air Pressure Indicator vertical so that the fluid does not run out.
2. Remove the sealing caps from the tube and allow the liquid to settle. You may need to tap the Air Pressure Indicator lightly with your finger to settle the liquid.
3. Slide the tube up-down until the liquid level is at the Zero level in both columns. Use screw provided to hold tube in place. Screw goes into the hole above the numbered section. (See photo #1) This is how the indicator will look if the fan is not operating.
4. Using a 3/16” drill bit, drill a hole in the vent pipe 1” to 2” below the top of the Air Pressure Indicator.
5. Connect one end of the tubing to the top of either opening of the Air Pressure Indicator and insert the other end into the 3/16” hole. Use a little silicon sealant to make sure the hose connections are airtight.
6. Complete the information on the installation label and apply to the vent pipe near the installation.
7. See photo #2 to see how the liquid should appear when the fan is running. The liquid will be higher on the side the 3/16” tubing was inserted into. The markings are not calibrated. You may get a different reading than what is pictured.

Please Note: Do not ingest the liquid. Contact with your eyes or skin may cause irritation. Liquid will stain if spilled.

Air Pressure Indicator Installation

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