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What’s a Suncourt Inline Fan?

Suncourt manufactures two kinds of Inline Fans called Centrifugal Fans and Axial Fans. They are typically installed in your air duct when you need to boost airflow, move air, or exhaust air.

Centrifugal FansCentrax Centrifugal Fan

Inline Centrifugal Fans, also known as Centrifugal Blower Fans or Tube Fans have an impeller with Backward Inclined Blades that pulls air through the fan housing and discharges it out of the other side. Centrifugal Fans draw or push air at high pressures. Suncourt Centrifugal Fans (Centrax) come in three sizes to match 4” duct, 6” duct, and 8” duct. They are quiet fans and are approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

How much air does an Inline Centrifugal Fan move?
Inline Centrifugal Fans are rated in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at various static pressure levels. Static pressure is defined as the measurement of resistance to airflow. The higher the static pressure, the harder it is to blow air. Suncourt Centrifugal Fans (Centrax) maintain a much higher CFM against varying levels of static pressure than other types of fans such as Axial Fans.

What do I use an Inline Centrifugal Fan for?

  • Centrifugal fans can be used for a variety of Ventilation purposes such as bathroom ventilation, crawlspace ventilation, etc.
  • Centrifugal fans are also used for Inline Boosting applications such as pushing cold air to upper floors in the summer time, moving air long distances, pushing warm air down from high ceilings, and any other application requiring boosted airflow.
  • Centrifugal fans are often used for Radon Mitigation or as replacement fans for existing Radon Mitigation fans.
  • Centrifugal fans are used for Dryer Vent Boosting when the duct for the dryer is longer than 15 feet.
  • Centrifugal fans are commonly used as Exhaust Fans.
  • Centrifugal fans are also used in Hydroponics applications to draw heat away from hot grow lights.

What makes an Inline Centrifugal Fan run?
Centrax Centrifugal Fans have a 110-volt motor with a class B TP Auto Reset. The Centrax Centrifugal Fan is ETL approved for both residential and commercial applications in the US and Canada. They can be wired directly to a 110-volt power source, switches, or attach a grounded power cord and plug into the Suncourt DuctStat depending on your application. Centrax Centrifugal fans are energy efficient. They have a lower wattage draw than other similar fans on the market for equivalent performance.

Centrax Centrifugal Fan Kits

  • The Centrax Fan Variable Speed Controller Kit contains a Centrifugal Blower Fan and a Variable Speed Controller as well as mounting hardware and instructions to be able to vary the speed of your Centrax Centrifugal Fan.
  • The Centrax Dryer Boosting Kit contains a Centrifugal Blower Fan and a Current Switch for foolproof on and off operation, as well as mounting hardware and instructions to help boost airflow in long clothes dryer runs.
  • The Centrax Radon Fan Kit gives you a choice of a radon fan, couplers, and an Air Pressure Indicator (manometer) allowing you to pick the right radon kit for your job.

Axial FansDB100DB204

Axial Fans go by a variety of different names including Duct Fans, Inline Duct Fans, and Duct Booster Fans. Axial Fans use a propeller to draw air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. Suncourt offers Single-Speed Duct Booster Fans, 2-speed Duct Booster Fans, and 4-pole Duct Booster Fans in a variety of diameters to match most common sizes of air duct.

How much air does an Axial Fan move?
You will see Axial Duct Fans rated in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Duct Fan CFM is then further divided by a free air rating and a boosted air rating. The free air CFM is the amount of air the Duct Fan can generate on its own with no air flowing behind it. Boosted air CFM is the maximum amount of air that can be passed through the Inline Duct Fan in a forced air system duct before the fan becomes a hindrance to airflow.

What do I use a Duct Booster Fan for?

  • When you have air delivery problems, Duct Booster Fans are easier to install and are less expensive than major rework of your duct system or purchasing expensive new equipment.
  • Duct Booster Fans can take care of those rooms that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter quietly and efficiently by boosting the flow of air to a poorly performing register or to a room that is at the end of a long duct run.
  • Duct Booster Fans can be a valuable accessory to alternative heating sources such as wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and other heating devices to help move that warm air through ductwork to other rooms.
  • Duct Booster Fans can be used as an exhaust fan in certain dry indoor environments where toxic fumes or vapors are not present.
  • Duct Booster Fans can be used in hydroponics applications where a smaller grow area does not require the airflow of a powerful in-line hydroponics fan such as the Centrax fan.

What makes a Duct Fan run?
Suncourt Duct Fans are engineered for maximum boost and quiet operation and are ETL approved for use in both US and Canada. Inline Duct Fans have Class B, Thermally Protected, 110-volt motors. Inline Duct Fans can be wired to operate with blower fan motors and a variety of switches. One of the easiest ways to power an Inline Duct Fan is to connect it to a power cord then simply plug it into the Suncourt DuctStat. The DuctStat will turn the Inline Duct Fan on and off as it senses temperature change in the duct. 2-Speed Duct Fans can be wired to a 3-position switch so they can be changed from low speed to high speed. Suncourt also has a Fan Variable Speed Control available to control the fan speed of Axial Fans and Centrifugal Fans.